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Valentines Day

Hello Everyone, blessings. We hope that you have had a very enlightened week. We are using the term "enlightened" as a means to help paint a picture of so many people planning different scenerios to display there affection to others today.

Valentines day is meant to show our level of affection for another , be it parents, sibblings, wives, husbands, boys and girlfriends, lovers and so many others just too numerous to mention.

This day can sometimes be said that if no affection was offered in some ways then

it could be inferred to mean little or no love is involved or exsist.

Let us not always follow the pack, There are multitude of ways to show love. It

should not be a one day lovefest,

then agony until it shows up again next year and if we are so blessed by the almighty to be living.

Our love and affection must be shown by our actions, kindness from our hearts, our smiles, our touch, there are a multitude of ways to show continous love, not just once per year with a bouquet.

Love is an unending pot pourri of endless affection of all kinds throughout our short lives, lets use them always.

May you Live, Love and Eat well

Blessings to you


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