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New Friendships

Hello Everyone, Blessings. We hope that most of you all have had a wonderfully happy and celebratory week.

ome of us have begun the Lent period to reflect and prepare based on our religious beliefs

Some of us were not so fortunate as we dealt with the passing of a friend or a family member. we hope that what ever the circumstances, that they are in a better place and may they rest in peace.

We who are fortunate to be hear may have made a few or many new friends, that we hope will endure for years to come or may even become a member of our individual families.

We should always be happy about new friendships and willing to share some parts of our lives in order to have a meaningful, trusting and loyal relationship.

The very best part of your life will always and must always be Truth, Trust and Honesty, nothing in this world are more sacred than those three words.

No Friendship will endure without the ability to believe what you are told. We are happy we made this world a little friendlier this week, do not let it be short term nor do not allow yourself to be decieved, tread carefully at all times not everything is always as it seems.

May you all have a blessed weekend and week ahead.

Live, Love and Eat well


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