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The 6 Fruits Cocktail

Servings 20 persons (Party Catering)


4  Ripe Bananas (peeled and Coarsely chopped)

6 Ripe Kiws (peeled ansd halved)

2 Ripe medium size Avocados ( skinned, seeded and coasely chopped)

4 Ripe Pears (seeded, skinned or unskinned)

1 (4lbs cleaned) Ripe Cantelope ot melon of your choice (skinned, seeded and coarsely chopped) 4 Apples ( seeded, and unskinned for contrast)

6 Ozs Honey or Sugar or Syrup ( your Choice)

1/4 Teaspoon Grated Nutmeg

1 Oz Vanilla Essence

4 cups Coconut water or cold water


1.Using a large Blender add all the above ingredients  except Coconut water and

and Puree. 

2. Using a large cocktail bowl pour the pureed fruits mix 

3. add the coconut water and stir well

4.Serve with crushed ice

The 6 fruits Alcoholic coctail 


can be changed to an alcoholic drink 

by replacing the coconut water with the same amount of 

Vodka or Gin


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