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Just say Hello! it won't hurt

Hello Everyone, blessings to everyone. We hope that your week was a very happy and laughter filled one.

We seems so into our own little worlds of late, not looking where we'and re going, bumping into people and not saying sorry, walking into traffic and blaming the drivers, passing our home and entering other peoples property, even homes, all it seems in the name of "self independence," disrespect and selfishness.

Yet we are some of the most lonely people in the world.

We have no time to say hello with a smile, we think thats been too nice to share a joke, that's too friendly. If we lose that almighty phone there will be hell to pay for mental health issues.

Where did friendliness go? can I say hello! to you without been a pervert, thief, beggar, or a mad person?

You can have all the phones in the world it is not going to give you mouth to mouth or push you out of harms way.

Stop! look up for a moment acknowledge the people around you. you may need them more than a phone one day.

Can I say hello! good Morning, Good afternoon, good night to you with respect at all times.

Do Live, Love and Eat well


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