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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Prepared & Presented By: Recetas Caseras

Ingredients to make guacamole (for 2 people):

2 avocados

40 grams of onion

80 grams of tomato

1 Chile Serrano (I didn't find and used one jalapeño in preserves)

1/2 Lemon (or lime)

Some fresh cilantro leaves


Recipe to make guacamole (for two people):

Before peeling avocados we will prepare the other ingredients so that the avocado does not get dark (it oxidizes in contact with the air). So grab the onion and get it fine.

Take the tomato and do the same, remove the seeds and get it very fine (if you want to remove the skin too).

Now Pica the cilantro leaves, I recommend you add just a little (maybe half small spoonful) because its taste is very pronounced and if you pass your guacamole will only know cilantro.

With Chile we will do the same, so we don't pass it very thin and full like a small spoon. Then if we need to add more.

Now is the time to peel avocados. When you have them chopped grab the pulp and with a fork make a mash in a bowl, add some lemon juice (like a small spoonful), all the ingredients we have prepared and a pinch of salt.

Mix everything well and if you need add more salt, Chile or cilantro, to your liking. And to eat!


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