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Friendships and Truths

Written and Presented by Duncan Edwards

Hello Everyone, Blessings to each and everyone this beautiful day,

Today in our relationships whether they are Families, Relatives, Friends, Acquaintances or whomever they may be in our lives, we yearn for friendships that will be built on pure unbridled truths.

There is a saying that I often heard that Quote" that I hate LIARS AND THIEVES but if because of some calamity I must choose one of them, I will choose the THIEF because he or she will admit to their misdeeds, Liars cannot be trusted."Unquote.

It is absolutely almost impossible to trust a LIAR as you will never be able to determine the level of their truthfulness at face value.

Once a LIAR always a LIAR.

Friendships are not borne from who will sugar the truth to or for you, but one that tells it like it is and still remain our friends.

Friendship iare not just about being there when needed, they are more or less been a part of our lifes through its ups and downs.

The friendships that we derive from everyone must lead us to expect truthful and good and vice versa over lies and evil intentions.

Life is too precious to spend countless hours trying to figure out the truthfulness of someone, ( Fact-checking).

Why should anyone have to beg us to tell the truth at all times, we should, even when it hurts.

Why belittle our friendships, are we showing how poorly we think of oursellves and others ?.

Truth does not need Fact-checking, a truthful person does not have to be reminded what the truth is.

We owe the relationships that we are privileged to have TRUTHS, no one has to be coerced into believing us. because they know and trust us, based on the principles we share in there lives.

Do not destroy what is so fragile with unhealthy habits that will never be repaired.

A wound can heal and many times leaves no scars. Lies form a data bank in our memory, it is forever. IT iS NOT ERASED.

This weekend we celebrate our Caribbean Culture in "Toronto Carnival" We wish you Peace, Love, Happiness. (So gi mi ah wine Nah!) and Let's behave ourselves everywhere admirably.

As Always, may I ask you to like my 'Caribbean Delights' page and Live, Love and Eat Well.


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