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Stuffed Hawaiian Peppers

Presented By Rita Avery-Atkins Stuffed Hawaiian Peppers Ingredients: Oil Onions Onion Soup Spaghetti sauce or Marinara Salt pepper garlic powder Brown Rice Queso Shredded Cheese And Peppers Then..... Add a half cup oil to your skillet Add diced onions sauté til they start to brown Add ground beef slowly keep chopping it up and add onion soup mix as you add ground beef Cook keep chopping until ground beef is cooked Add spaghetti sauce abt a cup or 2 depending on how much ground beef you have You want to be almost like Manwich but not a lot of sauce Add salt pepper garlic powder to your liking Taste as you go Cool up your brown rice Stir in your ground beef I used 1 and half cups of rice Lastly, Peppers... Gut & clean them out Spray olive oil in each one Take your queso shredded cheese and put a little in then add a lil meat n rice mixture then more queso cheese then more meat at the top until its over flowing After you stuff all of them in layers Then place a little water in your baking pan Place the stuffed peppers in the oven covered for 20 min Take them out and place more Queso cheese on top Place back in the oven for the cheese to melt and garnish with parsley or green onions


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