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Steaks on Sauted Vegetables

Prepared by Duncan Edwards

Ingredients: step 1

6- 8 ozs Sirloin or Ribeye Steaks( your choice )

Season with salt and black pepper then set aside


On a very hot grill or Steak pan grill steaks for 5- 8 mins on each side for medium or longer based on your preferences.

must be prepared just in time to eat with vegs ( Do not cook and set aside)


1/2 lb Green sweet Peppers, Julienne cut thinly.

1/2 Red sweet Peepers Julienne cutthinly

1/2 lb Carrot julienne cut 2 inches long cut thinly

1 large Onion julienne cut into 6 pieces

1 sprig of Celery sliced lengthwise then julienne cut 2 inches long

1 oz fresh Ginger cleaned and julienne cut thinly

2 cubes of beef Bullion

1 oz of cooking Red Wine

1/4 Oz Soy Sauce

1 tbs Butter

Salt and pepper tp taste


In a large hot skillet

Add butter when melt

add ginger,carrot, onion, celery and saute for 2 minutes stir frequently

Add beef bullion soy sauce simmer 2 minutes

Add both peppers and wine

add salt and pepper to taste (Do not cook the veges)

Place Veggies on a Serving platter add the Steaks on top sprinkle mint or parsley

Eat while hot. Enjoy


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