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SplitPeas Soup

Prepared by Andrea George

Serves: 4 persons


2 cups splitpea cleaned and washed

1 onion grated

6 cloves of garlic grated

Flavor pepper


2 teaspoons Mrs Dash Table Blend seasoning

2 teaspoons of dried thyme

I cup pumpkin


Place pan onto lighted stove. put a little oil and some of the grated garlic to saute' when garlic becomes translucent pour peas into pan with water and grated onion.

Let peas come to a boil. Periodically add hot water to pot to keep peas cooking.

When peas becomes soft add other ingredients leaving the salt and pumpkin for later. When peas is completely cooked add pumpkin and salt to taste.

* Remember you can season this dish to please your taste.

Let cool for 10 - 15 mins then serve. Garnish with fresh celery


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