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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Prepared & Presented By: ‎Norm King‎

INGREDIENTS: SERVES 4 LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY 3 Raw shrimp/prawns, 1 lb/450 g, peeled or unpeeled. If peeling is necessary, it is easier to accomplish AFTER cooking. Celery, I use the pale, inner stalks, 6 oz/175 g, fine diced–large enough to provide texture, small enough to not be plainly visible to the naked eye. Sweet red bell pepper, 1 oz/30 g, chopped fine just like the celery. Onion, 1 oz.30 g, chopped very fine. Kosher salt, a pinch. White pepper, a tiny pinch. Mayonnaise, approximately 3 oz/90 g. Garlic powder, a pinch. Avocado, 1 each. Lemon juice, a few drops. Parsley, chopped, as needed. Celery hearts, as explained HERE, 4 each. Optional accouterments: Balsamic syrup or molasses vinegar to drizzle. Catalina dressing to drizzle. Shellfish aioli to drizzle.


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