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Pepper Steak

Prepared By Jay Bridges

Ingredients: Chuck Steak (2lbs) FIRST TIME EVER USING CHUCK. I usually use sirloin. It was ok but good. Various Peppers (1) of each...Green, Yellow,Red or any other color. I use them all most times. 3 Sweet Onions. (whatever your fancy on the onion) Soy Sauce 1/2 Cup Fresh Garlic ( 1 clove or to your liking) Ginger (1tsp or to your liking) Brown Sugar (1/2 cup) Sugar (To Taste = TT) may need a little, may need alot. Kosher Salt (TT) Pepper (TT) Olive or Vegetable Oil ( maybe a TSP or 2 just enough to brown the meat) Cornstarch TSP or to desired thickness

----------------------------------------------- Cooking Method I always take my meat out of the refrigerator and let it sit for at least 15 to 30 mins. I usually will salt and pepper it down if it's steak esp RIB EYE. ( Remember, you're using soy sauce which is always salty.) You can be generous w the pepper.

Brown, (DON'T COOK THOROUGHLY) off the meat and add SOME of the seasonings to include a splash of soy sauce to the meat to ensure EVERY bite is tasty. (VERY IMPORTANT TO ME) Put Meat To The Side ( cover) and leave a small amount of drippings in the pan for the vegetables.

Saute Vegetables add a small amount of the seasonings. NO SALT. DO NOT OVERCOOK. It should take a few minutes. You want your vegetables to be bright, vibrant and slightly crunchy. Set to the side. They will still cook even when taken off the heat. BE CAREFUL.

Sauce: Add Soy Sauce, Ginger, Brown Sugar and Garlic to a Wok or Pan. I prefer a Wok (which is shown in pic) Simmer...SMALL BUBBLES add white sugar to taste. Add Cornstarch to desired thickness. It should coat the spoon.

Add ALL ingredients to the wok and heat as desired. Stir Frequently.

I have put it on top of all types of rice, noodles, grits as well as scrambled eggs. "To each his own." I Don't Like Sharing My Recipes In Full But I Will This Time. 😉

One Saved Round: You can add a few splashes of chardonnay to the vegetables when you saute them OR before cooking the vegetables take the drippings and add a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of chardonnay to a high heat and turn down to med heat. Allow the liquid to cook down by half and THEN add the vegetables and saute as said above. DO NOT ALLOW THE VEGETABLES TO OVERCOOK which is why you want to barely saute them. Killem W The Art!


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