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Christmas Giving

Hello Everyone, Blessings. We hope that you have had a wonderfully blessed and happy week so far, as we prepare to celebrate the end of 2019, we may be granted the gift of been a part of the new Year 2020.

While we await the big day to open our gifts, let's be forever mindful that many around us are far less fortunate.

If you plan to be charitable, always do it from the heart, not to impress friends and foes. Give because you know those that will receive it, needs it.

Some people beg because its the easiest form of enrichment, not much labour goes into this form of toil, sweat and tears.

When we encourage a bad habit, it becomes a pattern of abuse or a hard to break habit in the future, free food is free food.

Be generous of spirit and habit that are beneficial to you and uplifts the benefactor.

May I take this opportunity to wish you,your family and friends a Merry Xmas and a bright and Prosperous New Year.

We thank you for your support by liking caribbean delights,


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