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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Hello Everyone! blessings. We join with all those fortunate to be here to offer our gratitude and thanks to whom ever we consider our creator. We mourn those who have left us for a better place.

I want to forego our present troubles and chat briefly about one man obsession with wealth.

For the past week i have heard someone close, deride the present situation and how much money he has lost in the last month, you would think he was at a casino.

I could not believe that one man could be so callous not sharing one bit of grief for all the lives lost around the world, his only bemoanment is what Corona-19 has cost his company.

Forgive me for saying this, but at times I wish this illness would pay him a visit.

I am yet to see how money can save his life in this pandemic that we all face today. Times like these i wonder if he understands the severity of what's happenning around the world. Sadly he is not the only one.

Choose Life over monetary greed, we need each other to fight this and survive, true we need money as part of our existence but it is not the ultimate prize, A SAFE LIFE IS. STAY HOME TO LIVE, please.

God bless

Live Love and Eat well


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