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Make that call

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Hello Everyone, Blessings. We hope that as the sadness of the world spreads, we may take some comfort that we have so far been spared it's untimely conclusion


We are blessed and grateful to be here and as in defiance, let's digress to happier thoughts.

In happier times we knocked on doors without notice to be let in whether we liked it or not.

At present the most common mode of communication is the phone. (very often no advanced notice is expected or needed)

Presently Mary is waiting on Paul to call and vise versa.

Is it truly the case that we do not know how to start a conversation unless we are in need of something.

Why is it so difficult for some people to make courtesy calls?

But are good at every other kind of calls when they are the benefactors?

The simpliest answer is that we are selfish indulgant creatures.(me first )

Please call some of your friends and say hi! you'd be surprised how many of them wants to here a good and kind hello.

Chances are they won't ask you,what do you want?, how much? who died? are you ok / just toname a few.

Let's make or reacquaint ourselves with the past a little it may do us some good especially as we contemplate the future.

God bless us all

Live, Love and eat well.


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