No Bullying Allowed Building-up Expected Authored by Duncan Edwards

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Hello Everyone, Blessings to each and everyone, that we are previlidged to invite to caribbean delights, to help share our good fortune of been above ground and are even able to enjoy these pages more than others who are not so fortunate.


Our motive here is to encourage the spread of all of our culinary culture Regargless of the country that we are fortunate to call our Motherland


Caribbean Delights and its sister will never be a bull pen for those who may want to insult or mock those that are generous with there times and talent to enlighten and encourage us with their handiwork by sharing.


No one will knowingly be allowed to insult, intimidate, bully or disparage others who are making a difference in our lives. There are many ways to make a certain dish or drink, We all will share equality on these sites and let everyone prepare, present. We are free to choose what we like without been rude.


Remember, we are trying to build on and from each other NOT AWAY FROM.


Let us Love our hobbies,live happy lives and share what we can to be great friends with each other regardless of our distances.


In the final chapter Please lets be kind, life is too short and this world is a beautiful place but small, we all meet at the dinner table regardless to how it's prepared.


Live, Love and Eat well.

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