My Homage to Les-Coteaux, Tobago Authored by Duncan Edwards


Hello Everyone, blessings. I hope that as your week comes closer to its end, that you are having a wonderful time. 

We pause to mourn those that we have lost, and celebrate all newborns everywhere, may they benefit from our wisdom. Today I want to do something that has been bothering me for quite a while, I want to pay Homage to the village of my birth, Les-Coteaux, Tobago. The twin Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Tobago has had many occupiers namely Spaniards, Dutch, British, French and then again British, our seas boast a very large amount of war relics and treasures. This Gem “Tobago” is so ingrained in my heart that wherever I may go for richer or poorer my village Les-coteaux (the hills) holds my childhood, it is like water to a parched soil. This village boasts one of the largest relative groups in Tobago. 

Growing up was like most kid's adventures, mayhem and lots of chores and strict rules, disobey at your own peril. (cut-tail) Now for some sports like cricket when you cannot use the real bat and ball, we make our own (laugh) We made our own toys, like cars, trucks, guns, phones, box-carts, wheel-barrows, kites and much more. (we are not complainers) All villages have very strong cultural traditions that are passed on to other generations and are celebrated to this day. (village pride) and believe me competition is stiff and fierce, everyone plays to win. In Sports what if we played a cricket match against Plymouth’s team in Plymouth and we won, it would be hell to get out of there and home (laugh) Lord it was tough dealing with Plymouth. 

Dancing, you are supposed to learn from your elders, or you won't be able to meet the girls who love dancing. (no one likes a Log) EDUCATION: is taken very seriously you entered the school through the front door (not the back door) school attendance, punctuality, learning and RESPECT to your TEACHERS was Paramount.

 Manners, saying good morning or good afternoon was normal (no one will say you are mad; they will think you are mad if you did not do so (watch your manners) RUDENESS in any form was never TOLERATED.

In Tobago you can develop a racing sport with any animal including crab or a tool.  

Trinidad & Tobago carnival needs no introduction from me, young and old are involved in some way or the other, it is our national pride as is our Steel-bands. Every child should know how to play a note or two. Every child should learn how to cook, wash your clothes, starch and iron them or you will always be dependent on others.

You must be able to give and take a few jokes or you will always be in a fight (laugh) 

Learn to swim and fish in the rivers and waterfalls before you tackle the beaches. 

Growing up in your village is loaded with gratitude to many.

You must take pride in what is your own. No one will do it for you. The saying that, you never miss the water until the well runs dry should be a battle cry to everyone from Les-Coteaux wherever you may live. 

There is a beautiful life within these hills, valleys, rivers, streams, trees and nearby beaches that are the envy of the world. Take care of it. 

Visitors when you are going to beautiful Les-Coteaux, do not ask for directions, you may end up circling Tobago (jus deh, could be a few miles away) let them take you, you will get there faster and know their ill-name beforehand because few know each others correct names except when they’re getting married or on their tombstone. (laugh)  Oh few know me as Duncan, but they know me by other names that are not on my birth certificate.

May our Creator bless each of us.

Live, Love and Eat well  

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