It's like a rebirth


Authored and presented by Duncan Edwards, Caribbean Delights 

Hello Everyone, Blessings. We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas holiday, irregardless to the number of days you were away from your regular profession, chores etc. We pause to pay our respect to the families and friends of those that have departed this earth. May they RIP. We welcome the newborns that have joined their loved ones, to contribute fruitfully on this earth.
Over the past 2 years almost, we had had the continuous dispiriting task of dealing with Covid and all of its implications. It has been nothing short of a test and marathon juggling the non ending changes to what once was a routine lifestyle. We have lost so much of an accustomed life. Heaven knows what our new future will resemble shortly and in the future.

One thing is certain: all of our lives need some rebuilding from lifestyles, friendships, families, loves, careers, recreation, to put this mildly it's like a rebirth.
For all that we have been through,it is time for us to start a new way of living, because as you and I have seen this life on earth is very short and untimely.
Please in the name of humanity, let us try to treat each other with dignity, respect and love.
The lessons are endless as to how quickly we become nothing, are disposed of almost as nothing unceremoniously regardless of power and or wealth 
May we all be blessed by our Creator.
Happy New year.
Live, Love and Eat well 

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