In Celebration of International Women's Day. Authored by Duncan Edwards


Hello everyone, blessings. We hope that your week so far has been a very prosperous one. We sincerely mourn those who we have lost and celebrate the birth of children everywhere in the world. 

This March month we celebrate the achievements of women, It was meant to accentuate there hard won freedom from certain forms of slavery and bondage. 
Here is a quote of its simplest meaning-This is an opportunity to celebrate women's achievements and the important role that women of all races and religions have played and continue to play in society.
We all owe our dear lives to some of our unheralded women for their unselfish gifts of life from conception to birth and our fruitful upbringings.
There are no compensations that a child can offer a woman for the acts she so selfishly inherit as the nurturing of a child.
We as men will never be able to grasp the enormous responsibilities women carry in the day to day lives of our total existence nor most candidly wish to have those responsibilities. We will forever owe them our indebtedness. 

It seems that before Cleopatra to our present day Kamala Harris, women have had to painfully carve out their place for historical relevance. That journey is unending.

While this is not Mother's day but rather 'International Women's Day' it is nonetheless even more daunting for them from child bearing, caring, household management to workplace wage earner, their tasks are never-ending, the cycle continues.
It is worth more than any other day excluding Mother's day that the world owes March 8th,2021 as a day to celebrate International women's Day.
We salute and thank every woman for their continued sacrifice and urge you to demand your rightful place just like men seeking entitlements.
May our Creator bless and keep us safe and may you Live, Love and Eat well.  

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