I want you and I to live beyond Covid

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Authored and presented by Duncan Edwards

We congratulate those that have welcomed newborn into this world< may they enjoy an abundant life of peace , love and happiness.
I want to touch on the topic of Covid -19 and the Delta variant before i go any further, I am not a Doctor nor possess  any medical knowledge  about the good and bad of vaccines that are offered as a deterent tohelp mitigate/prevent  death. I am not debating anyone about the rights of anyone to vaccinate or not.
We were told as children that to avoid certain death for Tuberculosis(TB) vaccinate, Thphoid vaccinate, Small pox vaccinate, Malaria vaccinate, Dysentry vaccinate, Choleria vaccinate  just to name a painful few. Now in years gone by we waited years for Scientist to develop and test a vaccine.
Today, due to technological advances science and scientist can drastically curtail the development time of new medicine.
I have listened with great alarm many people with no knowledge of medicine nor science debating just as they do  with Football, Baseball, Soccer, Cricket, etc, (with all their boastful knowledge and authority about the merits of taking the vaccines.
Since you are so wise, do you have a better plan?  If you become ill with Covid will you then decide to take the shots?
Many people wish"LIFE" was transferable like money , there would be a no shortage of Transferees.  
If your only reasons are you are strong, fearless, nonbeliever, macho, do the others that want to live a favour allow them to exercise their right whether they are your wife, husband, parents, children, friend etc. So many people want to live but are fearful of repercussions. Would you not want these precious people in your life the right to live. Do you prefer to care for the infirm rather than a healthy person because of your selfishness? If you are not a Doctor, allow your precious love ones, your the barrage of doom and let them choose  whether to vaccinate or not. WHEN YOU ARE DEAD YOU ARE DEAD, THERE'S NO SECOND CHANCE AT RELIVING. Think of all the broken hearts you're leaving behind, all because you were selfish. We all have seen too many deaths and no one knows whether or not the vaccine would have saved a life but one life is one too many.
For the love of life think of the alternative.
May our creator bless and protect us
Live, Love and Eat well 


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