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Hello Everyone. Blessings this beautiful evening as we wind down another week. I want to take this time to have a quick observation about the act of "SMILING". When you smile at me, I get a really good, genuine feeling that someone cares, it changes my day for the better. I feel perhaps my appearance, facial expression, singing, an uttered word or a kind act cause your smile. I am always looking for the smile, that says, to me, welcome I wish you a pleasant day. We must try putting away this belief that if you smile at someone thay may want to talk, chat you up, flirt, disturb you from your sad phone obsession. What you may not know is that even by you smiling more, PHYSIOLOGIST suggest it may help some of us curb our appetite for grumpiness, stress, anger and takes us
away from our doom and gloom daily fixation. Now you are in a place where you may be inviting happier thoughts, "your own happy fantasy island." We must stop thinking that, because someone smiled at us, they have some screws loose, they may be high on dope. I cannot understand how paying a compliment without saying a word "smiling at us" could be so out of this sad, depressed world we live in "offensive". As for me, Im going to smile until it hurts because it makes me feel good and happy inside and out. That reminds me of this Quote:( it takes 72 muscles to make a frown and 14 to smile.) So it seems, always been sad sets you up for a somewhat awful lifestyle. Let's put our happy faces and hearts on. we are helping some one we dont know and ourselves. As always, LIVE, LOVE and EAT Well. My humble request is that you, Like my
page by ticking the like box. Thank you very much, Be happy. Duncan.

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