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Sharing Happiness

Hello Everyone, Blessings. We hope that your week was a loved wonderfully happy and most important shared.
We are always asked to give to those in need (that is somewhat a caribbean delights tradition) the one we will very briefly touch on today is the ones in our lives regardless to the connection we hold.
Your happiness is not all that it can be if others around you are in-need of your help and you are unable to show empathy.Sometimes we are tempted to avoid assisting for fear that it may embroil your comfort zone. Givig happiness can be helpful by offering an ear, encouragement and or showing others that they are not alone and that happiness is a learned emotion. Yomust want to let go of sad and unhealthy thoughts and allow happy ones tocome in. IT NEEDS PRACTICE TO BECOME A HABIT. As always, Live, Love and Eat well.

Sharing Happiness
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