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Brodo di Carne

Prepared & Presented By Dean Kolthek‎

Brodo di Carne

Wagyu short rib, smoked low until 140f. Processed SV 140f/72hrs. Shocked to cold. Meat cut off the bone.

Bones roasted with veg, added with herbs to SV beef stock. SV 84c/48hrs. Strained, chilled, fat removed, clarified to make the broth.

Finely sliced onion and garlic caramelized in evoo and rendered beef fat, add white beans, assorted veg, thyme, basil, parmesan skin, seasoning. Added the beef broth and reduced until veg is tender. Season again.

Short rib meat warmed in the oven until 140f internal, torched. Sliced and served over brodo.

Short rib texture is like velvet and works perfectly with the brodo for me. Simple and totally delicious.

Brodo di Carne
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