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Time to make the call

Hello Everyone, Blessings. We hope that this week thou it may be a nerve wrecking one. We offer our deepest condolences to those that have gone before us, may they RIP.

I will not take this time to feed anymore doom and gloom as the onslaught of news has been unbearable.

Lets just take this precious time to call on our families and friends and (shoot the breeze) talk about good times past and present. Talk solely about good times and things, however brief.

Don't call anyone to settle old argumentative scores.

Try looking up an old friend's number and make the call, they may be as happy as you are to reconnect.

Now just suppose the friend or family decides not to connect,

feel very proud to call your self the bigger and wiser person for it.

Move on to happier things.

Do not dwell on ignorance and arrogance, you did good.

Make some other people happy

Please stay home, LIVE, LOVE and EAT WELL

May God protect us all.


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