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Published by Duncan Edwards · 2 mins ·

Hello Everyone, Blessings. If there is one happy thing that i can say to you today it is, that i'm glad to have you here.

How was your week was it as wonderful and as happy as you wanted it to be or was it passable?

We have had so many happy celebrations over the past week and now we are basking in sunshine almost universally.

Many of us have very high expectations for the Summer and look forward to every day with lofty ideas.

Remember, Smiling, Happiness, Laughter are life long gifts.

Why wait until Summer to show your happy face aren't we missing the whole joy of living by not being inwardly and outwardly happy every day we are above ground? perhaps !

It is a practice that may add some joyous days to our lives, But by doing so we take a little stress off the ticker, you feel good, it feels good.

Do not surround yourself with doomsday, negative people, tell them you have moved to a happy place.

Some people like unloading problems unto others so that you can be as distressful as they are everyday and they will do it so that you should be more misserable than they are. That is their plan

Make up your mind to say to them which way you want your Summer and the rest of your life to go.


The beauty of your new journey is, this will not cost you a dime, you are now reclaiming the JOY OF SMILING, HAPPINESS AND LAUGHTER.and it is good medicine for the whole body.

Everyday will not be a bed of roses but you will not be making yours a permanent bed of thorns.

Enjoy Summer ans the rest of your life.

I do hope to have some announcement in the next 2 weeks regarding the taped recipes contest, providing we can find willing participants.

Do have a wonderful week ahead please enjoy the dishes and recipes that we bring to you. We hope to get better as we grow with your encouragement.

This site is dedicated to Food, Drink and Happiness.

I ask you to LIVE, LOVE and EAT WELL.

May I ask you to "like my page"

God bless us all and be happy.


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