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Saving Lives

Hello Everyone, blessings. We hope that your week was as pleasant as can be at such an unfortunate time in all of humanity.

This is a lesson for all of us, we do not know the reason for this nor the cure, one thing is certain we cannot get through this alone nor can we be selfish in our dealings with each other.

All the monies in the world cannot buy us a cure.

We must all work together to save each others life by staying away from each other to avoid human contamination, avoid getting the cold or fever and avoid spreading it to others.

This will help level the spread of Corvid-19 so that scientists and others can buy some more time to develop a cure before we become statistics of the future.

Listen to authoritative leadership at all times

DO not follow willy-nilly advice that will cause you and others harm.

Wash you hands as often as you use them.

Stay away from crowds (know the limits) .

Care for each other.

Call up and check up on friends, love ones and those afar.

Exercise your brains and mind other than worry.

Think and do happy things.

Thank whoever you consider your saviour to be and ask for continued guidance.

God Bless us all.

Live, Love and Eat well


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