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Prudent and Happy

Hello Everyone, Blessing.

We hope that each and everyone has had a loving and happy week, as we joined our families and friends to the south and elsewhere in celebrating Thanksgiving.

It seems now, we will in earnest begin the daunting task of Xmas shopping.

We sometimes forget that the moneybag is endless

until it's too late.

Let's all be mindful that life is meant to be lived not all in one day or a season, we may be given the good fortune for others so let's set aside some for tomorrow.

Ultimately every day should be filled with some form of peace, love and happiness.

It won't be nice to pour everypenny and more into one day then become sad for a very long period of time after, that said, let's all be prudent and happy.

From my our hearts to yours lets Live, Love and Eat well.


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